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Earl Bricker


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Earl Bricker lived in Wisconsin for 21 years, moving there in 1978, right after serving in the Peace Corps.

Bricker worked for a while for the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin as its Madison Coordinator, and for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, where he served as Communications Director.

Bricker also was a member of the staff of former Wisconsin Governor Tony Earl (who was governor from 1983-1987). One of his assignments from Gov. Earl was staffing the Council on Lesbian and Gay Issues, chaired by Dick Wagner and Kathleen Nichols for most of its existence.

    Click here to view the Final Report of the Governer's Council on Lesbian and Gay Issues, issued 2-January-1987 (5 MB PDF file).

Bricker also served as a member of the Dane County Board of Supervisors, representing Madison's 9th District. As a member of the County Board, he served on the Human Resources Committee and as Chair of the newly created Children, Youth and Families Committee of the Human Services Board.

Earl Bricker was named Executive Director of the Madison AIDS Support Network (MASN) in August 1989.

Bricker then spend five years in Milwaukee (from about 1997 to 2002), working first at Marquette for 2 years and then for three as Executive Director of ACHOICE, which underwent a name change to Community Shares of Greater Milwaukee before he left.

Since 2002, Bricker has been living in Illinois.

Photo of the statue by well-known artist George Segal titled 'Gay Liberation'. The people interspersed are Madison's LGBT elected officials at that time (1986). From left to right: Dick Wagner, Dane County Board Chair; Jim McFarland, Madison City Council; Earl Bricker, Dane County Board; Ricardo Gonzalez, Madison City Council; Kathleen Nichols, Dane County Board; and Tammy Baldwin, Dane County Board. (The statue was in a Madison, Wisconsin park for some years, before being transferred to New York City, where it now resides in the small park facing the Stonewall Inn.)


1989 WIsconsin Light article on appointment
as MASN Executive Director

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