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Beau Beaumont


Primary Involvements:

Porn star/ performer





Beau Beaumont is a 6'1" Wisconsin native who made it big in Hollywood. He got into gay porn movies in 1988 when he was "discovered" while dancing with the Chicago Meat Packers. Beau completed more than a dozen movies, including "The Adventures of Batdude and Throbbin'" (the first time he topped anyone); "Pledgemasters" (where he was fucked for the first time); "Powerful II" with Jeff Stryker; and "From Maui With Love".

Beau also appeared on the front cover of several national magazines, including "Stars", "Blueboy", and others; and modeled for "International Male" and "Malibu Men".

During the period of Beau's porn career, in addition to making movies, he traveled around the U.S. and Canada appearing in bookstores and doing shows in bars and nightclubs. He sang, danced, and during intermission, he signed autographs. As part of his act, he often came out riding on a Bicentennial Harley Davidson, "wearing leather with detonators attached to the handlebars and my crotch. Then I leaned back, like in an orgasm, and just at that point, confetti and streamers burst out." Beau often donated part of his proceeds to Direct Aid, a national organization helping people living with AIDS.

During this time, Beau also had his own business, "Grin and Bare It", providing either "hot studs or luscious ladies" for private photo sessions, full body massages, dancing (right down to the buff) at private parties, and modeling.

Beau's parents fully supported this career. His father acted as manager, and his mother, who is blind, used a Braille typewriter to take bookings.

Upon retirement from the porn scene, Beau opened a greenhouse and store in the South Milwaukee/ Oak Creek area.


Article in April, 1990 Wisconsin Light

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