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Bradley S. Babush



July 23, 1992
Primary Involvements:

Club Bath staffer

Primary Location:

Milwaukee, WI



Bradley S. Babush Bradley was known by many because of his outgoing personality and 'ready to pitch in and help' attitude. He had worked at the Club Milwaukee for a number of years, prior to its closure.

His entourage of friends in the Gay community have many pleasant memories of the time spent with Bradley. He helped prepare numerous communal holiday feasts, always toting a supply of 'party favors'. He would be one of the first to arrive; and one of the last to leave, always asking if he could help. We all shall remember him in our own special ways.

Bradley had spent the last year in a courageous battle against AIDS either hospitalized or in a nursing home, waiting for the Inevitable.


'In Memoriam'
(In Step vol 9-15, July 1992)

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