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Annabelle Havlicek Images Collection

Annabelle Havlicek was an active participant of the Wisconsin Drag Community for a number of pivotal years. During this time, she took or collected various photographs, roughly from the year range of the late 1980's and early 1990's, which she donated to this Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project. Unfortunately, the images are largely not identified.

We welcome web site users to enjoy viewing these images. But we want to identify them as much as possible so they can be attributed to the particular performers, and if possible better define when and where they were taken. If you can identify any of these images, please contact us at the email "wislgbthistory@gmail.com". Give us the image-ID # of the photo you recognize, and any info you can about that image: the name of the performer, date, location, and/or event. We will add your note to the image, and credit you by initials or (if you prefer) by name for contributing the information.

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  • BESTD Clinic Dinner above M&M Club, guest Karen Lamb

    BESTD Clinic Board assembling for photo
    image-ID= 'Havlicek 0085'
    BESTD Clinic Board assembling for photo
    image-ID= 'Havlicek 0086'
    BESTD Clinic Board assembling for photo
    on left: Dr. Roger Gremminger
    image-ID= 'Havlicek 0087'

    Center facing camera: Chris Ahmuty of ACLU;
    right: Warren Breitlow of CCF
    image-ID= 'Havlicek 0088'
    Center facing camera: Karen Lamb
    image-ID= 'Havlicek 0089'

    Misc. Images

    image-ID= 'Havlicek 0173'
    image-ID= 'Havlicek 0193'
    image-ID= 'Havlicek 0194'

    image-ID= 'Havlicek 0197'
    image-ID= 'Havlicek 0198'
    image-ID= 'Havlicek 0201'

    image-ID= 'Havlicek 0178'
    (likely taken at Club 219)
    image-ID= 'Havlicek 0180'
    (man on right may be named Christopher,
    a famous dancer who died of AIDS?)

    Misc. Group Photos

    image-ID= 'Havlicek EK_0028'
    image-ID= 'Havlicek EK_0029'
    image-ID= 'Havlicek EK_0030'

    image-ID= 'Havlicek EK_0031'
    image-ID= 'Havlicek EK_0032'
    image-ID= 'Havlicek EK_0033'

    image-ID= 'Havlicek EK_0035'
    image-ID= 'Havlicek EK_0036'
    image-ID= 'Havlicek EK_0037'

    image-ID= 'Havlicek EK_0038'
    image-ID= 'Havlicek EK_0039'

    Other Havlicek Image Sets


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