History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - Milwaukee Calendar Magazine

Milwaukee Calendar Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 3, Number 20 -- September 26, 1980
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Advertisement for Wreck Room
(page 2)
Cover subject: Karla Farr of Lost & Found
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(page 3)

SSBL softball league Standings
(page 20)
Wreck Room holds Mr. Cowboy contest,
sponsored by Silver Star
zoom in on contestant photos:
Jimmy Schniders, Vic Salmone, Roger Deeley of Silver Star
Dan Chunn, K.C. Cannon
Tom Salszeider, Jim Schniders, Ron Burbey, Fred Filkins

(page 21)
Lost & Found holds "This Is Entertainment" show
(pages 24+25)

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