History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - Milwaukee Calendar Magazine

Milwaukee Calendar Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 3, Number 11 -- May 23, 1980
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Ads: The Finale bar
+ Shadows bar + restaurant "10% discount for baseball uniform attire"
(page 2)
Up Front in the news: Photo: games at SSBL/ Saturday Softball Beer League
+ news: Wreck Room patron John Dessel killed in motorcycle accident by car driven by manager of The Factory
(page 3)
On the Cover: Jim Schiders, manager of the Wreck Room bar
(click here to view photo)
(page 4)
Ad: invitation to Second Annual Wreck Room Classic Invitational Softball Tournament (logo by Robert Uyvari)
(page 5)
Jon Henri's Nothing Personal column (pages 6-8)
Ad: The Lib Bookstore: Mag sale, and movies: "The latest 8mm loops"
(page 9)
News, cont.: Two employees of Shadows attacked in separate incidents
+ 2nd annual Wreck Room Classic about to begin
(page 10)
Game/ team times for Milwaukee Wreck Room Classic Softball Tournament
(page 11)
SSBL/ Saturday Softball Beer League standings and news
(page 12)
Photo: part of Your Place SSBL team at The Shadows bar
+ Ad: Beer Garden bar and restaurant
(page 13)
Photos of female impersonators at two events:
Party at M&M for Tina's birthday, and
benefit at Shadows for SSBL team umpires
(click here to view detailed photos)
(page 14)
Astrologay (astrology/ horoscope)
(page 15)
Ad: Your Place bar
(pages 16-17)
Calendar of Events
(page 18)
Ad: Parkway Theatre: The dirty picture show
(page 19)
Calendar of Events, cont.
+ Ad: Sister Moon Feminist Books
(page 20)
Calendar of Events, cont.
+ Ad: Sugar Shack bar
(page 21)
Calendar of Events, cont.
+ Ad: Jo'Dee's, Racine
(page 22)
Calendar of Events, cont.
+ Ad: Paradise Books
(page 23)
Calendar of Events, cont.
+ Bits and Pieces
(page 24)
Ad: C'est La Vie bar, Hallowed Halls
(page 25)
Milwaukee Gay Bulletin Board + Messages
(page 26)
Messages, cont.
(page 27)
Directory of Organizations
(page 28)
Bar Map
(page 29)
Directory of Bars/ Businesses
(page 30)
Ad: Ballgame
(page 31)
Ad: Club Milwaukee Baths, workout special
(page 32)


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