History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - Milwaukee Calendar Magazine

Milwaukee Calendar Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 2, Number 26 -- February 2-18, 1979
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Advertisement for Finale
(page 2)
What's Happening
(page 3)
New feature coming: Who's Happening
(page 4)
Advertisement for Lost & Found
(page 5)
Ad for JoDee's; + Calendar
(page 6)
Advertisement for BallGame
(page 7)
Word Search + Calendar
(page 8)
Advertisement for Club Milwaukee Bath house
(page 9)
Advertisement for Parkway Theatre (adult movies)
(page 10)
Advertisement for Cest La Vie, including Staff photos
(page 11)
Advertisement for Club Circus
(pages 12+13)
+ Organization Meetings
(page 14)
Advertisement for Beer Garden
+ Calendar
(page 15)
Advertisement for Hideaway
+ Calendar
(page 16)
+ Advertisement for Phoenix bar
(page 17)
Advertisement for M&M Club
+ Calendar
(page 18)
+ Advertisement for Wreck Room
(page 19)
Bowling League Standings
(page 20)
Advertisements for Sugar Shack
and Rainbow Grill
(page 21)
Business Directory + Bulletin Board
+ Masthead
(page 22)
Cruise Map
(page 23)
Advertisement for Your Place
(page 24)


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