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Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 7, Number 3 -- February 15-28, 1990
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Artist: Tom Rezza, "Lavender Dreams"
Masthead, Table of Contents
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Ad: Diva hair, Milwaukee
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Group Notes: BESTD expands services; 1990 Make A Promise dinner for Milwaukee AIDS Project to be held at Wisconsin Club
(page 8)
Ad: Pivot Club, Appleton: Torch Song Trilogy
(page 9)
Group News, cont.: Unity announces events; Workshops planned for Milw. AIDS Project drop-in center; MAGIC (Madison Area Gay Interim Committee) $2,916 funds disbursed from 1989 MAGIC Picnic
(page 10)
Ad: Milwaukee AIDS Project
(page 11)
In Memoriam: Boyd M. McGranaghan, Joseph Francis Puls, Jeffrey L. Poaster
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The Arts
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Photos: Super Bowl Sunday at Partners, Triangle, Nitengale's, the Ballgame
(page 14)
Ad: Partners 'Dead Celebrity Contest'
(page 15)
Steppin' Out: Jet's Place Talent Search; Triangle cancels Blue Jeans contest due to 10" snow; Wreck Room has South of the Border party; Super Bowl parties; New Bar in Madison celebrates 6 year anniversary; Back East II in Oshkosh renamed Club 3054; La Cage premiered 'Claim to Fame' contest; M&M hosts Rona's FINAL 39th birthday party
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Ad: Wreck Room bar, Best 2-4's in town
(page 17)
Steppin' Out, cont.: Wreck Room's Man of the Month contests, Nitegale's 'Stars of Wisconsin' show; Downtown Express in Eau Claire has closed, Unity of West Central Wisconsin will instead host events
+ Photos: Wreck Room's first Man of the Month contest
(page 18)
Ad: Club 94
(page 19)
Calendar, cont. + Photo: Cheri's new Club 3054
(page 22)
Calendar, cont. + Ad: The Ballgame
(page 23)
Photos: Jerry Halliday and his Puppets at The New Bar's 6th anniversary, Madison
(page 24)
Ad: Club 219 / II XIX - The Dream Team
(page 25)
Photos: 'The Stars of Wisconsin' appearing at Nitengales
(page 28)
Ad: Nitegales 'Hit the Beach', Milwaukee
(page 29)
Ad: Jazz and La Cage clubs, Milwaukee
(page 32-33)
Photos: Holly Brown hosts La Cage's weekly 'Claim to Fame'; first week's contestants, and winner Sasha
(page 34)
Ad: Brandy's II, Green Bay: Bar Pre-Fire party, Original bar fire partty, Argonaut's Center Project fundraiser
(page 35)
Photos: Rona's Final Annual 39th Birthday Bash at M&M Club, Milwaukee- A benefit for the Cream City Chorus, The Creamettes perform, banquet room upstairs turned into dressing rooms
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Misc. advertisements
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