History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - InStep Magazine

Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 7, Number 1 -- January 18-31, 1990
Cover image
Cover artist Tom Rezza's neo-classic artwork entitled "Blue"
(page 2)
Ad: Gay/ Lesbian Press Awareness month event, "Getting the Word Out"
(page 3)
Article: Gay/ Lesbian Press Awareness month event, "Getting the Word Out"
(page 4)
W.W. Wells article censored by Texas prisons
(page 5)
Group notes: MAP/ Milw. AIDS Project seeks volunteers
(page 8)
Ad: Jazz bar, 601-805 S. 2nd St.
(page 9)
LAM announces finalists for
8th annual Cream City Brick Awards
(page 10)
Madison United Way welcomes MASN
(page 11)
Dignity 15 yrs + MAP Drop-in
(page 12)
Ad: C'est La Vie weekly specials
(page 13)
Steppin Out: start of the Gay 90's
+ Ad: Ballgame
(page 22)
Ad: Club 94 Super Bowl Sunday
(page 23)
Ad: all new Club 219, and Chaps bar
(page 24-25)
(page 26)
Ad: Jet's Place Talent Search
(page 27)
Calendar + Ad: Partners
(page 28)
Club 3054 Grand Opening
replacing the Back East bar
(page 29)
Madison AIDS Support Network Hot-n-Healthy;
Village Church ordinations;
MAP thanks
(page 30)

Ad: The New Bar's 6th anniversary, Madison
(page 32-33)
Darla Kashian's View
(page 34)

Letters + Miss Gay Great Lakes USA Pageant to be held
(page 36)
Photos: Miss Gay Chubby Wisconsin contest;
host Ginger Spice, winner Bouji
(page 37)
In Memorium: John Cowles memorial planned January 21
(his death on Jan. 12th reported at deadline);
+ Ad: MGA/ Mid-Wisconsin Gay Alliance events (formerly MNDC)
(page 42)
Jock Shorts
+ Ad: Nitengales's Stars of Wisconsin show
(page 43)
Sport standings + GAMMA Dines out
(page 44)

Ad: Partners Super Bowl Party
Gay Side cartoon,
by Tom Rezza
Ad: The Alternative bar
"the Fresh Alternative" with all new staff

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