History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - InStep Magazine

Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 5, Number 18 -- October 13-26, 1988
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Masthead and Cover Story: artist James Faulkenberg does is first cover since 1984
(Page 2)
Ad: The Pageant
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Photo of Memorial AIDS Quilt made for Wayne Bernhagen, former owner of Wreck Room and Your Place bars, and Jimmy Schneiders
(Page 5)
News: Milwaukee gay man, part-time Your Place employee Steven A. Traindl, found bound and murdered; Samuel Dasher gets 8 years for manslaughter of his live-in male lover Michael Koudelka
(Page 6)
News: Dasher sentencing, continued
(Page 7)
News: Kenosha, hearing set in cop's sex bribery case
(Page 8)
(Page 9)
Photos: Pride Dance, wrap-up to the 1st
Milwaukee Gay/ Lesbian Pride Celebration
(Page 12)
News: Madison doctor charged with sexual
+ Ad: JAZZ in the LaCage complex
(Page 13)
Group Notes: MASN/ Madison AIDS Support Network benefit; Madison campus 'coming out' week; ARCW amends by-laws
(Page 14)
Group Notes, cont: October
Tri-Cable programming
+ Ad: R Bar, Wausau
(Page 15)
Photos: Wreck Room benefit for
Foundation Community Center
(Page 16)
Fundraisers fro MAP; MAP Fest
financial results reported
(Page 17)
Foundation seeks board members;
Volunteer study results
(Page 18)
Photos: Mr. La Cage contest
(Page 19)
Health: Urged to get Flu shots
(Page 22)
Photos: Milwaukee 'bar crawl' to Madison for New Bar's reception for Mr. and Miss Gay Wisconsin
(Page 23)


The Arts: review of
Fest City Singers Abracadazzle show
(Page 24)
Photo: Fest City Singers' Abra-Ca-Dazzle
show at the Ballgame
(Page 25)
Photo: Cream City Chorus 2nd annual
Ice Cream Social at Fannie's
(Page 26)
News: Clavis Theatre moves
to Prospect Mall
(Page 27)
Photo: Triangle holds party for
'Dirty Helen' (Helen Joslin)
of the old Ski Glo Cafe fame
(Page 28)
Ad: Triangle Grand Opening party
(Page 29)
Steppin' Out
(Page 30)
Ad: Club 219 and the 219 Girls
(Page 31)
Steppin' Out, continued
+ Photos, birthday at Short Circuit Lounge, with Ad
(Page 32)
Ad: C'est La Vie Wet Jockey Shorts contest
(Page 33)
Steppin' Out, continued
(Page 34)
Ad: The New Leaf grand opening, Janesville
(Page 35)
Steppin' Out, continued
(Page 36)
Ad: The Pivot Club, Appleton
(Page 37)
(Page 38)
(Page 39)
Photos: Alternative's grand opening party
(Page 42)
Daily Organizational Meetings
(Page 43)
Another Point of View
(Page 44)
Women's Halloween Dance; Women's Cabaret
+ Ad: Jet's Place
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Advert: phone sex
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Advert: phone sex
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Advert: phone sex
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Advert: phone sex
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