History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - InStep Magazine

Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 5, Number 16 -- September 15-28, 1988
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Masthead & Cover Story: new artist Todd 'Boom' La Ron
(Page 2)
Ad: Bruce Paul Goodman clothing
(Page 3)
News: Alvin Taylor ordered mentally committed in Eau Claire for slayings; Gay Televison
(Page 10)
Ad: La Cage thanks the community for MAP Fest success
(Page 11)
News: In Step magazine joins the computer age
(Page 12)
Ad: Mr. and Miss Club 94 contest
(Page 13)
Photo Spread: MAP Fest 88
(Pages 14+15)
Group Notes: A Choice, and CCF survey results
(Page 16)
Group Notes, cont.;
+ Ad: Village Church
(Page 17)
Wisconsin Gay Republican group; Directory; Square Dancers at Carol's
(Page 18)
Ad: Our Place bar, Racine
(Page 19)
Photos: Art show at Wreck Room (included in top photo: WR manager Marty, and WR owner Bill)
(Page 24)
Photos: Thelma Houston performing at Club 219 (in lower photo: 219 owners Del and Tony, and DJ Kim Z.)
(Page 25)
Pride Plans: Worship service, Pride Ball, schedule
(Page 26)
Ad: Pride Ball
(Page 27)
Pride schedule, continued
(Page 28)
'Awakening Pride' Poem written for ML/GPC Pride celebration, 1988, by Peggy Fernandez
(Page 29)
Steppin' Out
+ Photo: Pivot Club staffers (Appleton)
(Page 30)
Ad: The New Bar grand re-opening party
(Page 31)
Steppin' out, cont:
+ Photo: newlyweds at Our Place
(Page 32)
Steppin' out, cont:
+ Photo: bar owners Paul (Our Place), Al (Triangle), Gordon (Pivot), and Bob (Club 94).
(Page 33)
Steppin' out, cont: MAP Fest
+ Ad: The New Leaf opening, October 1st
(Page 34)
Steppin' out, cont: MAP Fest
+ Ad: M&M Club 12th anniversary
(Page 35)
Photos: Triangle wet jockey shorts contest
(Page 36)
Ad: Triangle University night
(Page 37)
(Page 38)
Calendar, cont.
(Page 39)
(Page 44)
Photos: Fannie's anniversary celebration (including rare photo of both Fannie's owners, MJ and Sharon)
(Page 45)
Photos: Cheri's Back East bar 4th anniversary celebration, including a jock strap contest
(Pages 46+47)
Inklings: The 'Real' Other Man
(Page 54)
Photos: Past reigning Miss Continental USA puts on show at Club 219
(Page 55)
Photos: The Ballgame Comedy night
(Page 56)
Ad: Abracadazzle at The Ballgame
(Page 57)
Jock Shorts:
(Page 60)
Photo: Timm Short wins bowling trophy
(Page 61)
Trip to Madison planned by bikers
(Page 62)
Photos: Finalists and winners in Mr. and Miss Southeast Gay Wisconsin pageant
(Page 63)

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