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Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 5, Number 11 -- July 7-20, 1988
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Chicago Pride Parade report; Wisconsin & Milwaukee participation
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LaCrosse 2nd annual Pride picnic
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MAGIC Picnic, Madison 15th anniversary
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Photos: Wisconsin in Gay Pride Parade in Chicago
(Pages 28-29)
Steppin Out
(Page 30)
Advert: La Cage dance bar
(Page 31)
Photos: Cream City Chorus, Fest City Singers, and Madison groups in Chicago's 19th annual Pride parade
(Page 32)
Steppin Out, cont.
(Page 33)
Steppin Out, cont. + MAGIC Picnic, Madison 15th anniversary
(Page 34)
MAGIC Picnic, Madison 15th anniversary
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Calendar, cont.
+ MAGIC Picnic, Madison 15th anniversary
(Page 37)
Advert: Club 219
(Pages 40-41)
Photos: Elvis Impersonator at Jet's Place and Our Place
(Page 42)
Advert: Our Place, Racine
(Page 43)
Photos: TNT Men performer at Who's; incl. photos with R-Bar owner
(Page 44)
Ms. Who's farewell show at Who's bar
(Page 45)
Photos: Rod's Mircale Thesbian Theatre Company puts on annual performance of "Jack and the Dongstalk" at Rod's bar, Madison
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Advert: Wreck Room bar
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Jock Shorts
(Page 53)
Jock Shorts, cont.
(Page 54)
Jock Shorts, cont.
(Page 55)
Cora Mae birthday party at Dance Dance Dance
(Page 56)
Jock Shorts, cont.
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