History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - InStep Magazine

Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 4, Number 18 -- October 22-November 4, 1987
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Cover story
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March on Washington
(page 4)
March on Washington
(page 5)
March on Washington
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March on Washington + Mayoral Forum
(page 7)
Mayoral Forum
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Mayoral Forum +
Article: Drugs may help AIDS related pheumonia
(page 10)
Article: Drugs may help AIDS related pheumonia
+Senate cuts money for safe sex materials
(page 11)
Ben Shalome back to court
(page 12)
Tri-Cable & Cream City Foundation
(page 13)
Taylor is able to stand trial judge says, Church puzzled over sex change
(page 14)
Swedish troops issued condoms, Dog day lover dies, photo refused Broadway actors sue
(page 15)

TRI Cable gay TV begins, Angels of Hope MCC plans AIDS prayer vigil, M.A.S.N. to hold roast
(page 20)
Madison social activities organization
(page 21)

Resource list for gay couples;
Ad: Who's +
Holly Brown roasted at Club 219
(page 22)
Ad: Wreck Room
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Miss Y.P. Contest
(page 26)
Mr. Y.P. Contest
(page 27)
Steppin Out, Beverly Kay at Ball Game
(page 28)
Ad: Pivot Club Halloween party
(page 29)
Steppin Out
(page 30)
Steppin Out; Miss LaCage
(page 31)
Steppin Out; Mr. LaCage
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Steppin Out + Ad: Ball Game
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Calendar +
In Step offices move
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Calendar +
Pageant ticket sales
(page 38)
Buns contest at Wreck Room
(page 39)
In Step bar crawl to Chicago
(page 40)
Ad: Rods & New Bar, Madison
(page 41)
In Memorium: Wayne Berhagen, owner of Wreck Room and YP
(page 44)
Ad: Jock Shorts, and Jet's Place
(page 45)
Wisconsin Bowlers gather in Cincinnati's annual bowling tournament with "Jerry Jersey"
(page 46)
Jock Shorts: Saturday volleyball league, H.I.T. plans underway, Farewell Wayne Bernhagen
(page 47)

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