History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - InStep Magazine

Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 4, Number 14 -- August 20- September 2, 1987
Cover image - art by Michael Pschruender


Table of Contents
(page 2)
Ad for M&M Softball team fundraiser: T.V. Tunes
(page 3)

News: woman with AIDS scratches a store clerk
(page 8)
News: woman with AIDS scratches a store clerk (cont. fm pg 8)
(page 9)

Photos from Damien & Bob's 3rd annual birthday party at Grand Avenue Pub
(page 10)
Group Notes: Angel of Hope M.C.C. in Green Bay;
Milw's New Hope M.C.C. update
(page 11)

Steppin' Out:
(page 14)
Advertisement: Back East celebrates 3rd anniversary
(page 15)
Photos: Wreck Room celebrates 15th anniversary
(page 16)
Ad for Bartender Exchange between Rod's and New Bar in Madison, and Club 219/ the Shaft in Milwaukee
(page 17)
Steppin' Out continued; +
14th annual Mr. and Miss Gay Wisconsin Pageant to be held
(page 18)
5th annual Mr. & Miss Southeastern Gay Wisconsin Pageant to be held at Pivot Club in Appleton
(page 19)
(page 20)
Advertisement for Cest La Vie
(page 21)
Calendar + ad for Jet's Place
(page 22)
Advertisement for Pivot Club, Appleton
(page 23)


Calendar + ad for Fannies' 4th year anniversary party
(page 25)
Photos: Baby Jane Hudson and friends perform at Jet's Place
(page 26)
Ad for Dance Dance Dance
(page 27)
Jock Shorts: Fall Bowling League to start, softball playoffs rained out; Sheepshead night
(page 30)
Jock Shorts cont.: In Step sponsorship; Gay Bicycling Network bikes to Madison
(page 31)

Gay Side cartoon by Tom Rezza
(page 46)
Directory of organizations and business, continued
(page 47)


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