History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - InStep Magazine

Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 4, Number 4 -- March 18- April 8, 1987
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Group Notes: Cream City Business Assoc/ CCBA & Cream City Foundation/ CCF) leading Gay/ Lesbian community center discussion; CCF Casino Night;
Black & White Men Together/ BWMT attending national convention
(pages 8+9)
Advertisement: Club Baths
5th Annual Milwaukee Gay/ Lesbian Film Festival
(pages 20+21)
5th Annual Film Festival
(page 22)
Annual Mil-Ma-AIDS event
(joint Milwaukee/ Madison AIDS fundraiser)
and Your Place bar
(page 49)
SSBL (Saturday Softball Beer League)
attends NAGAA (Natl Gay Athletic) conference
(page 50)
Lou Lasota of Mil-Ma-AIDS
(page 52)
Miss M is back at the helm at
Walkers Point Cafe
Uncle Al's birthday is celebrated at
his Your Place bar
(page 16)
Staff poses with Uncle Al
on his birthday at
his Your Place bar
La Cage's George & Corey celebrate
their 10th anniversary as a couple
(page 31)
Shamrock Bar (Madison)
Mickey's Dynasty bar closes in record short time
219 Girls
View closeups of the 219 Girls:
Ginger Spice   -  Holly Brown   -  BJ Daniels   -  Tina Capri


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