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Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 3, Number 16 -- August 21 - September 3, 1986
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Wauwatosa arrests in Underwood Parkway cruising areas
Sale at 219 in Robert Uyvari's memory
(page 26-15)
Idlifonso Garza, aka Angie, killed near Club 94
MAP Fest ad
MAP Fest article
MAP Fest map

MAGIC Picnic in Madison
drag race
(page 10-15)
MAGIC Picnic in Madison
balloon toss (John Cowles in center)
lunch spread, band and dancing
(page 8-15)

SSBL Championship

Forum on HIV, August
(page 3-15)

Mr. & Miss Gay SE Wisconsin Pageant
Mr. & Miss Gay SE Wisconsin Pageant
Mr. winner Peter, + Allen & Michael
Miss winner Tina Capri, + Bouji & Tania Michaels
(page 23-15)


Miss Gay Continental Wis.
Miss Gay Continental Wis.
Erica Stevens, Maya Douglas,
Ginger, Pee Wee Herman
Miss Gay Continental Wis.
winner Shante, and Gloria;
Diana McKay, Erica Cortland

Miss Ballgame
winner Alexis, Tina, Mandi,
Christina, Mama Rae
(page 33- 15)
Miss Ballgame
Beer Garden
change of ownership party
(page 14-15)

Wreck Room 14th Anniversary street party
M&M, 10th Anniv.
Who's (Green Bay) 4th Anniversary
(from page 20-15)
Jet's Opening
1101 West, Appleton

Grand Avenue Annex Opening
GAP and Annex ad
GAP/ Grand Avenue Pub
birthday party for Bob, Damon & Jamie
Gay Street Station
Close Encounters, Sheboygan
27th St. Danceteria "Star Search"

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