History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - InStep Magazine

Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 2, Number 19 -- September 19-October 2, 1985
Note: This issue incorrectly labeled "Volume 2, Issue 12".
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Masthead/ Credits & Contents
(page 2)

Mr. / Miss Gay Wisconsin Pageant
at Mark Plaza Hotel
(page 3)
Ad: Clay's 'Where men meet men',
Piano Sundays
BWMT (Black & White Men Together)
5th Anniversary
(from page 6)

Saturday Softball Beer League
Gay Softball World Series 9
Milwaukee's Wreck Room Wings 2nd place
(page 24)
Series 9
San Diego's Spoilers & Houston's Briar Patch
(page 25)
Series 9
Boston's 1270 team
(page 26)

Series 9:
photo: Hot Legs team;
Crowd watching; and scores
(page 27)
Series 9:
photos, incl Spoilers players and others
(page 28)
Ad: Cest la Vie 'Best Chest in the Midwest nite',
go topless for free drink)
(from page 21)

Photos: Y.P./ Your Place 20th Anniversary party
(page 36)
Ad: Mr. Y.P./ Your Place contest
(page 29)
Photos: GAP (Grand Avenue Pub)
birthday party for Zaynie & Henry
(page 32)
Ad: Wreck Room's Wheel of Fortune
(from page 16)
Ad: Mr. Wreck Room contest
(page 17)
Ad: Rod's (Madison) new room opening
(from page 30)

Ad: M&M 9th Anniversary
(page 20)
Village People at Club 219
(3 of original group of 6:
Leather Man, Indian, G.I.)
during Series 9
Village People at Club 219 article
& 219-Shaft club ad
(from pages 19+31)

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