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Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 2, Number 17 -- August 22 - September 4, 1985
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Group Notes: Milwaukee Community AIDS Forum, MAP and CCBA;
Madison AIDS Support Network (MASN);
BESTD Clinic begins HIV testing
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Steppin Out: 27th St. Danceteria opening; Rod's Mr. Rod Contest; Mr. + Miss Gay Great Lakes contest; Wreck Room's 13th anniversary party
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Photos: Mr. and Miss Gay Great Lakes Pageant at 1101 West in Appleton: winners Larry and Diana Black, 1st runners up Bill Lindsay and Denise Michaels
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Ad: 27th St. Danceteria
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Photos: 27th St. Danceteria Grand Opening party
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Photos: Wreck Room anniversary party and cookout
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