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Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 2, Number 14 -- July 11-24, 1985
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Cover: "Cicago's Gay Pride Parade 1985 brought the largest amount of Wisconsin entries in the parade's 16 year history. It would be nice if Milwaukee had their own parade, especially since we are the 'Gay Rights State', but even if we did the turn-out couldn't be anything like the Chicago parade, where police estimated nearly 50,000 people participated in the parade, and rally afterwords."
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Ad: 'Circus-Circus' Sunday at Wreck Room, after Milwaukee's Great Circus Parade
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News Briefs: Chicago Pride Parade has 10 Wisconsin groups, included from Milwaukee: Christian Gay OK, Mixed Festival City Chorus, Black and White Men Together, In Step/ La Cage; from Madison: Rod's/ The New Bar, Mr. and Miss Gay Madison/ Back East, Lesbians of Color; from Kenosha, Club 94.
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News Briefs: White Lake, WI native Victor Amburgy, 31, and his gay lover from San Francisco, are released after being captured in a airplane hijacking to Lebanon.
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Group Notes: Greater Ripon Area Network Developed for Lesbian and Gay Support (GRANDFLAGS) founded
Ad: Flambeau Forest Resort, Lake of the Pines, Winter, WI
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Photos: some Wisconsin groups in Chicago Gay Pride Parade
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Letters & Ad: Flamingo Fest for Series 9
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Ad: LaCage "Strut Your Stuff"
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Photos: 219 Female Lip Sync Finals
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(page 11)
Photos: LaCage 'Strut Your Stuff' amateur male stripper show; Abbey Rhodes back in town
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(page 12)
Photo: 'One with the Wind' show, part of 219's Plantation week
(page 15)
Ad: Boot Camp Saloon
Steppin' Out: La Cage 'Strut Your Stuff', Mr. Gay Continental Wisconsin pageant preliminaries at Ballgame, and finals elect Miss Gay Continental Wis. Patti Cakes, and Mr. Joe Bradshaw; Club 219 'Lip Sync' finals;
+ Ad: Douglas Dunes, Michigan
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Ad: Club 94 opens July 12
(page 17)
Steppin Out cont (including repeat of much): Who's (formerly Body Shop) celebrated 3rd anniversary, although owner Michael sick.
Photo: Jo'Dee's of Racine celebrates anniversary and attach In Step cow from Chicago Pride Parade
(page 18)
Ad: Mr & Miss Gay South East Wisconsin talent show
(page 19)
Steppin Out cont: Fannie's Fannie Fest
Other news: Madison Area Gay Interim Committee (MAGIC) annual picnic and volleyball tourney; plans for 3rd annual Mr & Miss Southeastern Gay Wisconsin Pageant
Ad: C'est la Vie: "Best Chest in the Midwest night"
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Photos: Your Place's MC Productions show, with Bouji, Mandi McCall, Melinda James
(page 21)
Group notes: Madison Bike Trip; AIDS benefit shows for Mr & Miss Southeastern Gay Wisconsin pageant
Photo: Club 219's Wet Jockey Shorts contest with Doris DeLargo
(page 22)
Ad: Crazy Mary's, Chicago
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Ad: Essingers

Photos: Mr. & Miss Gay Continental Wisconsin Pageant:
Joe Bradshaw & Patty Cakes, Ginger Spice, Dave, Nicole,
Michael J., Melinda, and Dan
(pages 24-25)
Calender: Shack closes, Club 94 Opens
+ Ad: Grand Avenue Pub
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Ad: Finale
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Steppin Out cont: Danceteria open; 219 Plantation week; Chicago Pride Parade coverage
Ad: 3rd annual Southeastern Gay Wisconsin Pageant
Ad: Series 9 "Classics" benefit
(page 28)
Photos: Mr. Gay Continental Pageant preliminaries at BallGame: Mama Rae, Miss M, Michael, Chili Pepper
(page 29)
Ad: Club Baths Corn-Porn Day ad
(page 30)
Photos: Fannies 2nd annual "Fannie Fest"
(page 38)
Series 9 housing form
(page 39)
Ad: 27th St. Danceteria Grand Opening
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