History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - InStep Magazine

Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 2, Number 12 -- June 13-26, 1985
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Masthead, Table of Contents
Cover: Candi Stratton, reigning Miss Gay Continental Wisconsin
(page 2)
Ad: Mr. Vantastic Moving & Delivery
(page 3)


Group Notes: Milwaukee GAMMA (Gay Athleres Metro Milwaukee Area) plans events; Chicago Gay Pride Parade plans; BESTD Clinic seeks volunteers
(page 6)
Ad: Mr. & Miss Gay Continental Wisconsin Pageant
(page 7)
The Arts: George Bunt, in memorium, 1943-1985 (of the Melody Top theatre)
(page 10)
George Bunt in memorium continued, and photo;
+ Ad: Castaways, at 1753 South K.K. ("Yes we are changing our motif and name")
(page 11)
Photos: Your Place/ Y.P.'s Garden Party rained on
(page 14)
Ad: Wreck Room bareback Wednesdays
(page 15)
Photos: In Step's bar crawl to Madison; various people at Rod's
(page 16)
Ad: Rod's, Madison: Daddies Day weekend, Cookout, Volleyball benefit, Gay Pride week
(page 17)
Steppin Out: Summerfest; Back East (Madison) Lip Sync contest; Castaways Prom Night; Your Place Garden Party
+ Ad: Douglas Dunes, Michigan
(page 18)
Steppin Out, cont: Hot Legs cabaret show; Club Baths Milwaukee party; Napalese (Green Bay) host to Gay Fox Valley Pageant; Lois moves from Shadows to Phoenix; Danceteria opening delay; Wreck Room benefit auction for Series 9; 1101 West (Appleton) Mr. & Miss 8-5/8-6 Pageant
Ads: Shadows bar, 1101 West (Appleton)
(page 19)
Steppin Out, cont: Madison visit, Back East, Rods, New Bar
(page 20)
Ad: Mr. & Miss Gay Continental Wisconsin Pageant
(page 21)
Jock Shorts
(page 30)
Ad: WHO's bar 3rd anniversary, Green Bay
(page 31)
Photos: Castaway's Prom
(page 32)
Ad: 27th St. Danceteria opening
(page 33)

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