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Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 2, Number 3 -- February 7-20, 1985
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Masthead & Table of Contents
Cover artist: Erika Green
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Ad: Bareback Wednesdays at the Wreck Room
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News Briefs: BESTD/ Brady East STD Clinic receives AIDS grant from City of Milwaukee
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News, cont.
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Group Notes: Milwaukee Dignity celebrates 10th anniversary;
Dignity Northeast Wisconsin at 18 months
+ Ad: Rod's and New Bar Valentine Parties
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Oshkosh: Women's COnnection changes name to Lambda Connection;
Gay Alcoholics Anonymous;
+ Ad: 10th anniversary celebration of Dignity Milwaukee
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Steppin Out: Cabin Fever in the Heartland: New Harvest Foundation founded by Dick Wagner in Madison;
New Bar celebrates 1 year anniversary with performance by Sylvester;
Gay/Lesbian Community at UWM's showing of "Pink Triangles" attended by 60 people
+ Photo: Madison's Back East owner Cheri Becker and two employees
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Ad: Ballgame Valentines Day Party
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$1.98 Drag Queen Show, Baby Jane Hudson crowned Queen of the Sleeze
Photos: La Cage Strip Search show
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Ad: Grand Avenue Pub, Valentines party
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