History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - InStep Magazine

Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 2, Number 1 -- January 10-23, 1985
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Gay Side cartoon,
by Tom Rezza
Ad: La Cage Strip Search
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Masthead & Table of Contents;
Cover artist: Greg Brown's first cover for In Step
(page 3)
News Briefs: Wisconsin AIDS toll now 17; new AIDS funding; new AIDS drug to be tested (ARC/ AIDS Related Complex)
(page 4)
News cont: Town of Paris, Wis. (Kenosha County) passes ordinance outlawing obscene material and certain sexual acts
(page 5)
Group Notes: John Cowles re-elected President of GAMMA;
documentary "Pink Triangles" to be shown at UWM;
UW- Stevens Point Gay Peoples Union going strong
(page 6)
OUT! newspaper reception;
The United, Madison, forms Rural Outreach Project;
PFOG/ Parents and Friends of Gays forms in Fond du Lac
+ Ad: Peter's on 4th restaurant
(page 7)
Column "No Small Potatoes", by Miriam Ben-Shalom: New Year Wishes
(page 8)
Photo + Ad: Kathy, half-owner of Hot Legs
(page 9)
Photos: Pamela Stanley ("Coming out of hiding") performs at Club 219
(page 12)
Photos: Club 219 Christmas show
(page 13)
Steppin Out: All Partied Out... Pamela Stanley performs at Club 219;
In Step goes electronic, signing up with GNIC network (300 or 1200 baud rate, 103B or 212A protocol modems)
(page 14)
Steppin Out cont: New Years Eve difficult traveling with a blizzard, many bars saw spotty crowds;
Jim and Greg bought The Pendulum
(page 15)
1985 Gay World Series to be held in Milwaukee;
The Valley Beat: news from Green Bay and Appleton: Argonauts hold Toys for Tots benefit, Barbie Mason, ex-Miss 1101, holds christmas show at 1101 West, Appleton
(page 16)
Photos: Cest La Vie bartenders;
+ Ad: The New Bar, Madison
(page 17)


Juicy Bits, by W.W. Wells: a fable, Of Mice and Elephants
(page 20)
Photos: Your Place Christmas Party
(page 21)
Photos: Christmas Show presented by Miss M at the Music Box: Laurie, The Boy, Candi Stratton, Miss M, Melinda, Tiki, Mandy, & Derek
(page 22)
Photo: Paul Gumsey, Jane, Mary & Henry celebrate at Jane & Mary's visit
+ Ad: Essinger's
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