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Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 1, Number 7 -- May 3-16, 1984
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Ad: Factory II
(page 2)
What's Up Front: cover artist Jim Faulkenberg
(page 3)
News Briefs: Governor Earl sounds harassment bill
(page 4)
Ad: The Unicorn bar
(page 5)
News Briefs, cont.: Governor's Council urges full-time liaison
(page 6)
+ Ad: Your Place
(page 7)
Photo: Paul DeMarco
(from page 8)


Unicorn bartender Paul
(from page 13)
Steppin' Out:
+ Photo: M+M opens windows to the world
(page 14)
Steppin' Out, cont.: Parkway theatre all-male movies; new bar Clay's Castaways; Grand Avenue Pub closed and sold;
+ Photo: 1st Street Tavern remodeling and windows
(page 15)
Steppin' Out, cont.: M+M renovations and opens up windows; La Cage grand opening; Sam's in Madison being sold; New Bar in Madison; Emily's in Madison, the Shack in Kenosha, Wreck Room and Jodees;
+ Photo: Club 219 and Pamela Stanley
(page 16)
Photos: Jo'Dee's in Kenosha, incl. owner Judy
(page 17)
The Calendar
(page 18)
Ad: Clays Castaways
(page 19)
Photos: Pamela Stenley at Club 219
(page 20)
Photo: The Shack, Kenosha
(page 21)
Photos: Wayne & Gary at Wreck Room's
Tax Refund Party
(page 22)
Photos: Your Place's Easter Party
(page 23)
Dance Steps, music
(page 26)
Ad: Factory II 4th anniversary
(page 27)
Photos: Fannies Easter Egg hunt
(page 33)
Photos: SSBL season opening games
(page 36)
Gay Side cartoon,
by Tom Rezza
(from page 39)


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