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Instep Magazine- Issue Excerpts
Volume 1, Number 3 -- March 8-21, 1984
Cover image
Ad: The Pendulum bar (Wausau),
St. Pat's Celebration
(page 2)
Masthead + Contents
(page 3)
News Briefs: Gay rights law appeal fought; Child custody case; Walter Wilcoxson of Mount Horeb ordered to stand trial for bondage related death of Wallace Kalbacken
(page 4)
Ad: BallGame tavern's 10 year anniversary & annual St. Pat's Day celebration
(page 5)
Photo of Alderperson Paul Henningsen
(page 6)
Ad: 1st Street tavern
(page 7)



Mary Palmer of Mandala accepts
grant from CCAF president Don Schwamb
(page 11)
Alyn Hess & Ron Geiman resign from
MALL, Milw. Area Lambda League;
+ Ad for Shadows bar
(page 12)
Ad for retail store Thinking Of You;
Gay Monopoly
(page 13)
Politics: Interview with Alderman Paul Henningsen
(pages 14+15)



Steppin' Out
incl. Miss Gay Madison
(page 19)
Steppin' Out, cont.
+ Calendar
(page 20)
Photos from Unicorn opening
(page 21)
Ad: Factory II
(page 22)
Steppin' Out, cont.
+ Ginger Spice
(page 23)
Ad: Unicorn Bar
(pages 24+25)
Photos: Finale bar Hawaiian shirt party,
incl. bartender Jamie Taylor
(page 26)

M+M bar/restaurant
(page 30)
Lipstick: comments on Rodney's
infamous "watering trough" photo
(page 31)
Parkway adult theatre
(partial of page 32)
Photos: Sunny's birthday party at Factory II
+ photo of the Mint Bar's Rick and Tracy at the Unicorn
(page 34)
Jock Shorts, by Tom Salzsieder
(page 40)

(page 46)
Ad: Finale bar
(page 47)
Shaft 219 ad/logo


Gay Side cartoon,
by Tom Rezza

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