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GPU News- Issue Excerpts
January 1981 - Volume 10 No. 4 (LAST ISSUE)
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Cover art: Perry Edwards (see Editorial on page 11 for description)
In This Issue (table of contents)

Subscription and Order Form for GPU News and Posters
(page 2)
Midwest Gay & Lesbian Communications Network
(page 5)
Editorial: Lambda Book Club
(page 10)
(page 11)
Prentice development
(page 12)
(page 13)
Advertisement for This Is It
(page 14)
Advertisement for GPU VD Clinic
(page 16)
Advertisement for Club Milwaukee Bath
(page 18)
(page 20)
Advertisement for the Ball Game
(page 21)
GPU Legal Defense Fund
(page 24)
(page 25)
Homebuyers Clinic to be held
(page 32)
Here & There news bits
(page 33)
Advertisements forThe Wreck Room
(page 34)
Here & There news bits
(page 35)

(page 38)
(page 39)

(page 40)
(page 41)

Directory of Organizations
(page 42)
Advertisement for Paradise Books
(page 43)
Advertisement for the M&M Club
(page 44)

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