History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - GPU News

GPU News- Issue Excerpts
May 1977
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Sex Privacy Bill +
anti-Anita Bryant rally in madison
(Page 2)
GPU plans Amsterdam trip
+ openly gay Jim Yeadon wins election as Councilman in Madison
(Page 3)
Human Rights Committee
+ Masthead
(Page 4)
GPU News considers name change: "What is News"?
+ Sex Privacy Bill progress
(Page 5)
Advertisement for Circus Summer
(Page 6)
Advertisement for Milw Gay Guide
+ Editorial: What is News? (cont.)
(Page 7)
Advertisement for Inferno
(Page 8)
Captain Rush comic
(Page 9)
Advertisement for Your Place
(Page 10)
David Kopay interview pt. 1
(Page 11)
Kopay interview pt. 2
(Page 12)
Kopay interview pt. 3
+ Advertisement for Club Baths
(Page 13)
Advertisements for Sugar Shack
+ Beer Garden
(Page 14)
Lesbos Campus
(Page 15)

(Page 16)
Advertisement for Beck's Books
(Page 17)
Advertisement for Black Forest restaurant
+ Saugatuck Lodges resort, Michigan
(Page 18)
Relationships pt. 1
(Page 19)
Relationships pt. 2 +
Advertisement for Club Finlandia
(Page 20)
Advertisement for This Is It
+ Book Review
(Page 21)
AGC presents "Boys In The Band"
(Page 22)
Advertisment for Mason Resale Shop
+ Book Review
(Page 23)
Cruising-- by Bruce Gelbert
(Pages 24-25)
Advertisement for Wreck Room
(Page 28)
Advertisement for Fantastic Voyages travel agency
(Page 29)
Advertisements for Ten Hundred East
+ Paradise Books
(Page 30)
Advertisement for Sideboard Restaurant (soon to open in the M&M Club)
(Page 31)
GPU plans trip to Amsterdam
(Page 34)
Here & There news
(Page 35)
Down Under Club in Lacrosse
(Page 36)
Here & There news bits
(Page 37)
Advertisement for GPU STD Clinic
(Page 38)
(Page 39)
(Page 42)
(Page 43)
Book Review +
Advertisement for Coast
(Page 44)
Directory of businesses etc.
(Page 45)
Personal Ads
(Page 46)
Advertisement for M&M Club
(Page 47)
Advertisement for Red Baron
(Page 48/ back cover)


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