History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Print Media - GLIB

GLIB- Issue Excerpts
Issue 1 -- August 7, 1976
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Advertisement for The Inferno
(page 2)
Introducing "Glib"; +
Journal scoops Glib by publishing list of gay bars;
+ Four male Go-Go dancers are arrested
at straight night club catering to women
(page 3)
Coming Clean: the Baths explained;
+ Advertisement for The Hideaway
(page 4)
Flicks; + Ads for The Black Forest;
Your Place; and Oregon House
(page 5)
GLIB Guide: bar listings for Milwaukee,
and Wisconsin
(page 6)
GLIB Guide continued, incl. Chicago bars,
+ Wisconsin organizations
(page 7)
Summer brings new bars;
+ Glibly Speaking
(page 8)
Advertisement for M&M Club
(page 9)
Survival: Feeling Good (coming out)
+ Advertisement for Paradise Adult Books
(page 10)
Advertisement for Club Milwaukee Baths
(page 11)
Advertisement for 4th Anniversary
of the Wreck Room bar
(page 12)

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