History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Businesses - Retail Establishments

Feminist Bookstore
& Art Gallery
Location: 1625 E. Irving
Milwaukee, WI


(unknown/ post-1978)

Female/ Male
Bookstore & Art Gallery



Sister Moon Feminist Bookstore & Art Gallery in 1977 had one store, at 1625 E. Irving, later advertising (approx. 1978) listed a second location at 2128 E. Locust in Milwaukee. At that time, their ad indicated that, "Besides 2,000 book titles, we carry: pottery, weavings, glassblowing, leahter, stained glass, batiking, record albums, t-shirts, posters, prints, photography".

Any further information about this businesses is welcome.


Advetisement, September 1977
GPU News, pg. 9, vol. 6 no. 12

Advetisement, circa 1978

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