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Finalandia Health Spa
aka Le Club Finlandia
Location: 707 E. Knapp St., Milwaukee WI


approx. 1970
approx. 1982


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The Finlandia Health Spa is the first men's bath house documented thus far in Milwaukee. Listed in national Gay Guide books as early as 1970, it also advertised throughout the publication of the Milwaukee-based GPU News (1971-1981) as a typical gay bath house, or spa. By 1980, the club advertised as "Le Club Finlandia", advertising "Roman pool, private saunas, swedish massage".

The Spartacus American Bicentennial Gay Guide (1976) described it as: "Private, but take i.d. and you'll have no trouble getting in. Small and active. Mostly gay, but some straights use the place, too.".

Listing in
1970 International Guild Guide

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Listing in
1971 Bob Damron's Address Book

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Listing in
1972 Bob Damron's Address Book

Listing in
1973 Guild Guide

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Listing in
1974 Bob Damron's Address Book

Listing in Spartacus
Bicentennial Gay Guide, 1976
(Eros Publishing c1976)
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Advertisement, October 1971
GPU News, October 1971

Advertisement, circa 1980

Membership card

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