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Trading Company
Location: 304 Eau Claire St., Eau Claire WI


September 1995

Male/ Female
Bar/ lounge/ social


Trading Company was opened by Vern Knox on Labor Day weekend of 1995.

Within the year (by April 1996), Trading Company had three floors of bar space. It had combined with the Stage Door Cafe next door, running 12 hours a day on weekends between the two, using the Cafe as an after-bar space. (See article in Quest magazine volume 3-05, page 9, below.)

Vern left in July 1996 and the bar was taken over by new owner Wayne Marek. Then in January 1997, Wayne opened another bar, Scooters, one block away. For a time the two bars advertised together, in at least one case calling the other a "sister bar". But in December 1997 ads for 'Scooters' no longer mentioned The Trading Company, and we believe Trading Company had closed by that time.

More information about this business is welcome from anyone who can contribute same.

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