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Tattoo's II
Location: 1552 Rose Street, La Crosse WI


January 12, 1989

Female/ male
Bar, Dancing



Tattoo's in La Crosse opened as primarily a lesbian bar. It is believed to have opened sometime in 1982, first being listed in 1983 national Gay Guides. It was then listed in the Bar Guide listings of 'In Step' magazine from that magazine's first issue in February 1983 until the bar closed on January 12, 1989.

One thing of note is that the 1983 issue of 'Places of Interest' listed the bar as "primarily women", but the 1984 issue of the same guide listed it as "men and women". Other national gay guides also subsequently indicated the bar was for both men and women. However, throughout In Step's listings (Feb. 1983-Dec. 1988) it was listed as "Wm D", meaning "Primarily women but men welcome/ Dancing).

The bar apparently changed its name from "Tatoo's" to "Tatoo's II" around November 1985 (IS v2-24), although we don't know the reason for the slight name change-- it may have been related to a conversion from primarily a women's bar, to one catering to both women and men.

Unfortunately, we have not yet located any advertisements or photos.

More information about this business is welcomed from anyone who can contribute it.


Listings in early "Gay Guides":
(For more information on the Guides, click here.)

1983 GAIA's Guide (Winter 1983/ 9th Edition)
1983 Places of Interest
(Mostly women, Dancing)
(Also listed in separate 1983
"Places of Interest to Women" guide)

1984 GAIA's Guide (Winter 1984/ 10th Edition)
("Juke box dancing, pool/ games. Lots of gay women... Highly recommended. Say 'hi' from GAIA")
1984 Places of Interest
(Both men and women, Dancing)
(Also listed in separate 1984
"Places of Interest to Women" guide)

1985 Bob Damron's Address Book
1987 Bob Damron's Address Book
(Some lesbians, Dancing)
1988 Bob Damron's Address Book
(Some lesbians, Dancing)
1989 Places of Interest
(Dancing, Boith men and women)

Christmas Wish for 'a mens bar in La Crosse'
(In Step v1-16, December 1984)

Closed January 12, 1989
(In Step v6-01, January 1989)

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