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Location: 181 S. 2nd Street



Bar/ social



The Rooster was listed in just a few national 'gay guides' between 1971 and 1973 editions, and was advertising in the local GPU News in December 1971, but its exact dates of operation are uncertain. Rumored to be owned by Al Berry at one point, its advertising in late 1971 listed the proprietors as Tiny and Ron. This bar later became a dyke bar.

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Photo taken inside Rooster
(photo courtesy of Josie Carter,
via Jamie Taylor)


Listings in early "Gay Guides":
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1971 Bob Damron's Address Book
    Title pg   Codes
Notes: Girls, Dancing
1972 Bob Damron's Address Book
Notes: Girls, Dancing, "Closed Mondays"
1973 Guild Guide
    Title pg   Editors note   Codes

Advertisement, February 1971

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