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Myrna's Place
also Sabrina's and Carry's Lounge
Location: 2 N. Main Street, Fond du Lac WI


September 1985
August 1986

Bar/ social



For as long as the webmaster can remember, Fond du Lac has had trouble keeping a 'gay' bar in operation. In the early 1980's an attempt was made in the building at 2 N. Main Street at Division St. EVen Oshkosh has had longer-lived bars, but it seems for people in the mid section of eastern Wisconsin, they would need to go to Appleton or even Sheboygan for LGBTQ bar life.

First there was Sabrina's, which was in operation there when the first issue of 'In Step' magazine came out in February of 1984. We don't know how long Sabrina's had been in operation by that time as there were no LGBT periodicals in the state back then.

But by the time 'In Step' issue 2 came out just 2 weeks later, the bar was being called Carry's Lounge. Carry's continued to be listed in the Bar Guide for the next year, until In Step vol. 2-07 in April 1985- when Carry's Lounge was dropped from the Bar Guide listings. We have not located any advertisements or other mentions of the bar during that year.

There was a gap of six months, and then Myrna's Place started to be advertised and listed in the Bar Guide (In Step vol. 2-21, October 1985). A few advertisements appeared, the bar listed some events in the Calendar, and the bar was active working with The Pageant (Miss/Mr Gay Wisconsin). But the third was not a charm for LGBTQ bars in downtown Fond du Lac; like every Fond du Lac gay bar, it too was relatively short-lived. Myrna's was last listed in In Step vol. 3-16 (August 1986). The publisher noted in vol. 3-18 that a shipment of magazines came back marked "Out of Business". The building disappeared from LGBTQ media.

More information about Fond du Lac LGBTQ bars is welcome.

Listing for "Sabrina's" in Bar Guide
(In Step vol 1-01, Feb 9-Feb 22, 1984)
Listing for "Carry's Lounge" in Bar Guide
(In Step vol 1-02, Feb 23-Mar 7, 1984)
Building as it appeared in 2008
(Google Map images)
First Listing for "Myrna's" in Bar Guide
(In Step vol 2-21, Oct. 1985)
Photos: Myrna's Grand Opening party
(In Step vol 2-21, Oct. 1985)
Ad: Thanks to Myrna's from The Pageant
(In Step vol 2-23, Nov. 1985)
Ad: Myrna's Thanksgiving Day Buffet
(In Step vol 2-23, Nov. 1985)
Myrna's listing in Bar Guide
(In Step vol 2-25, Dec. 1985)

Building as it appeared in 2008
(Google Map images)

Advertisement: Trick or treat/ Haunted House
(In Step volume 2-21, October 1985)

Steppin Out column: Out of Business
(In Step volume 3-18, Sept. 1986)

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