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Kollege Klub
Location: 714 State Street, Madison WI



Male/ Female
Beer Bar



We have very little information about the Kollege Klub in Madison.

The bar was never named in any Wisconsin LGBT publications of the 60s-70s (that I have found anyway). It is listed in various national gay guides however, starting with the earliest in 1963 and 1964 and ending after the 1973-74 guides: so it likely existed starting in 1963 (or earlier) and ending in 1973 or 1974. (Five different national guides contribute to that date range.)

Codes included in the various national gay guides reveal a little more: 1964 "beer bar", 1969 "Collegiate, Beer, popular spot", 1973 "Very mixed, popular spot", and 1971, 1974 "(Male) (Young and/or Collegiate types)". The single photo we have of the business displays a sign which also reads "Snacks" so we can assume they had some food available.

More information about this business is welcomed from anyone who can contribute it.

Listings in early "Gay Guides":
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1963, Lavendar Baedeker
  History of the Baedeker Guides   Index
1964, "Directory 43"
  Title Page   Introduction
1964 Guild Guide
  Title pg   Editors note   Note concl
1964 Lavender Baedeker Guide
  History of Baedeker Guides
1965 International Guild Guide
  Title pg   Editor's note   Codes
1966 Bob Damron's Address Book
1966 International Guild Guide
    Title pg   Editors note
1966 Lavender Baedeker Guide
    Back page
1966 Male World Guide
    Index, excerpt
1967 International Guild Guide
    Title pg
1968 Bob Damron's Address Book
    Title pg   Editors note   Codes
1969 International Guild Guide
    Title pg   Editors note   Codes
1970 International Guild Guide
    Title pg   Editors note   Codes
1970 Bob Damron's Address Book
1971 Bob Damron's Address Book
    Title pg   Codes
1973 Guild Guide
    Title pg   Editors note   Codes
1974 Bob Damron's Address Book

Photo of the bar, likely approx. 1970
(contributed by a supporter)

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