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JoDees's bar, Racine- Images & Articles Gallery

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Ad: Jodee's Club: Friendly Club / Dancing"
(GPU News, Feb. 1972)
Ad: "The New Jo Dees" /
"Racine's Gayest Club" /
"Under New Management"
(GPU News, Aug. 1973)
Advertisement: Masquerade Contest
(GPU News, Oct. 1973)
Interior of bar, circa 1965
(don't believe the bar was gay at this time)
Interior of bar, circa 1973

(GPU News, Jan. 1974)

Ad: Miss Frankie's All Star Revue
(GPU News, Sept. 1978)
Ad: Ms Sheila's Mother's Day Tribute
(GPU News, May 1979)
Ad: Gay Bob's Birthday Party
Feb. 1980
Ad: Sunday Softball Game meet
(RAGG magazine, Sept. 1983 pg. 13)
Photo: JoDees Volleyball Team, 1983
(RAGG magazine, Sept. 1983 pg. 16)
Photos: top: Judy, owner;
bottom: patrons between shots
(In Step magazine, Vol. 1-07, May 1984)
Photos: from JoDees Country week;
(bottom left: bartender Bart with owner Judy)
(In Step Vol. 3-20, Oct. 1986)
Photos: 17th Anniversary celebration
(In Step Vol. 4-02, Feb. 1978)
Ad: Miss Gay Racine WI-USA Tina St.James
presents Leather & Lace
(May 1992)
Ad: 20th Anniversary Gala
(In Step vol. 10-03, Feb. 1993)

Front of bar, July 2006
Rear entrance of bar, July 2006
Patio, July 2006

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