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Factory II Bar
Location: 130 E. Juneau, Milwaukee WI


December 17, 1982
September 18, 1984

Dance/ disco



After the incredible success of the Factory Bar at 158 N. Broadway, south of downtown, owner Chuck Cicirello opened this bar. While popular, it never matched the sucess of the original Factory, partly because of the location. This bar was also considerably smaller than the original Factory, with low ceilings. (This bar had previously housed another bar, Kisses, which was wildly popular but for only a short period of time.)

As when it was Kisses, this bar was a fun and interesting dance bar. The bar and dance floor were on two different levels with an open stairway between them (not quite a spiral staircase but had that feel to it). Not the largest building and had a somewhat cramped feel if it got crowded, but it was a lot of fun and it had a loyal following from some of the original Factory patrons, as well as atrtacting some others who didn't like the original Factory for whatever reason.

The bar was not to be as popular as the original however, and The Factory II closed on September 18, 1984.

Chuck went on to found at least two additional bars: the Factory 3 at 511 N. Broadway just north of the expressay (which had the look and feel reminiscent of the original "Factory"), and following that, 27th Street Danceteria on 27th Street just south of Wisconsin Avenue. Later, he managed the Club 219 bar for many years until that bar closed.

The history of all three "The Factory" bars, and Chuck Cicirello, was published on the OnMilwaukee.com website in 2024.

Invitiation to Grand Opening" Note date change from original Tuesday Dec. 7 to Thursday Dec. 16

Photo- Group of women at "Fuzzy Buns" party
(InStep vol 1-05, April 1984)
DJ Kim at Factory-II
(InStep vol 1-09. May 1984)
Cindy Schumann at Factory-II
(InStep vol 1-10, June 1984)

Alternate view of building

March 1984 ad

Membership card

End of an era as Factory2 has Closed
(InStep vol 1-12, Oct. 1984)

Former Factory-II building to house the Village Church
(InStep vol 2-02, Jan. 1985)

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