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Bridgeport Bar
Location: 3762 N. Green Bay Avenue


August 1962
December 1964

Male/ female
Bar, Dancing



The Bridgeport is known primarily from being listed in several national 'Gay Bar Guides' from 1962 to 1966. Through extensive research, just two local references have been found thus far.

First, a 'personal ad' has been located from August 1962 reading: "To my friends and customers: Now at a new location. The Bridgeport, 3762 N. Green Bay av.". We have no information yet on where the bar moved from or why.

Finally, advertisements have been found offering the vacant tavern and apartment for immediate rental from December 15-18, 1964.

More information about this business is welcomed from anyone who can contribute it.


    (A book, "LGBT Milwaukee" by Michail Takach, seeks to make the story of LGBT Milwaukee accessible, visible, and portable for future generations--before it is too late. Some information on this bar came from research that Michail continues to do in preparation for a future book. Please help support our efforts by purchasing the book, and corresponding with us if you have more info.)


Listings in early "Gay Guides":
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Personal advertisement from August 1962
discovered by M. Takach

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