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Francisco Arcaute is a photographer based in Chicago. He has various documentary photographs in the permanent collections of the Chicago Public Library, Los Angeles Public Library and University of Nevada Las Vegas.

In the early 80's he was a self-described "indifferent art student/aspiring artiste" living in then ungentrified Walker's Point. Hoping to become a photojournalist and building a portfolio, at some point he photographed a drag show. Unfortunately, he doesn't have more details as to exactly where and when the photos (actually slides/ transparencies) were taken (although many of the slides were developed and mounted in October 1981). In late 2022 he was downsizing, and donated the photographs to the Wisconsin LGBTQ History Project. Those images appear on this page.

We welcome web site users to enjoy viewing these images. But we want to identify them as much as possible so they can be attributed to the particular performers, and if possible better define when and where they were taken. If you can identify any of these images, please contact us at the email "wislgbthistory@gmail.com". Give us the image-ID # of the photo you recognize, and any info you can about that image: the name of the performer, date, location, and/or event. We will add your note to the image, and credit you by initials or (if you prefer) by name for contributing the information.

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Slides mounted in Oct. 1981

image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_001'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_002'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_004'

image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_006'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_011'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_012'

image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_013'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_014'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_016'

image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_017'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_022'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_023'

Slides with unmarked mounts

image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_115'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_116'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_117'

image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_118'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_120'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_121'

image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_122'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_123'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_124'

image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_125'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_127'
image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_131'

image-ID= 'Arcaute AF_132'

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