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June 1983
unknown, post-2006

Women's Outdoor/ Social Group




Wisconsin Outdoor Women was a volunteer-run organization which sponsored outdoor recreational, social and educational activities. It was "founded in June of 1983 by a visionary group of women committeded to providing the women's community with an organized way to share in their love of nature, respect for Mother Earth, outdoor skills and spirit of adventure and fun".

At the time of its 10th anniversary in June 1993, the membership ranged from 80 to 90 women, mainyl from the Milwaukee area, but also from other parts of Wisconsin and Illinois. Membership had participated in "hundreds of day and wekkend-long trips, from nature hikes to high adventure rock climbing".

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Article and ad from 10th anniversary
Wisconsin Light, vol. 6 no. 11 (June 1993), page 14

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