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Summer Barbeque at Estabrook Park: August 29 1987

Bill Shaw
Larry Merkl and Bill Shaw
Group at buffet table (Roger Kocher in white shirt on right)
Outing at Audubon Center, Bayside, Wisconsin: April 30 1988

James Tate
Roger Gladson
Robin Richards

Roger Gladson and Robin Richards
First Anniversary: March 1988

Jon Tschachler and Dave Glenn with Cake
First Anniversary Cake
Mardi Gras Party, February 4 1989
(in the home of Leon Latz and Gary Crotty in South Milwaukee)

Leon Latz and Gary Crotty (Gary's face hidden behind white flaw in scan), hosts of Mardi Gras
Jim Heidt, Sheldon Schur, Rick Finger
Dave Glenn, Sheldon Schur, Rick Finger

Jeff Stice
Wayne Gratton
Camping Trip to Mauthe Lake, Kewaskum, WI: May 27 1990

Jerry Synowicz
James Tate
Michael Roe

James Tate, Jerry Synowicz, Michael Roe
Michael Roe, James Tate, Jerry Synowicz
On the Trail at Mauthe Lake

Michael Roe

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