Milwaukee Guerrilla Gay Bar
P.O. Box 511165
Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

What is MGGB ?

Milwaukee Guerrilla Gay Bar once a month, takes over the coolest straight bar we can find, for one night only-- and you're invited, as long as you're gay, lesbian, bi, transgendered (or our friend), and game.

Milwaukee Guerrilla Gay Bar (MGGB) was inspired by our comrades in Los Angeles and San Francisco who wanted to branch out of the gay and lesbian bars and "take over" a hip straight bar for one night each month making it gay.

On the first Friday of every month, MGGB takes over the hippest straight bar we can find in Milwaukee. We don't tell 'em we're coming - we'll just show up - by the hundreds - and make ourselves at home.

Trick is, we don't announce our shindig's digs until the day of the party on our site - we don't wanna give them any notice. So, the only way to know where to go for the party is to sign up for one of our contact methods (email, text message, or notification via MySpace of Facebook). The week leading up to each event, we'll send a private invitation to our friends with the location and details so you can save the date and invite your friends. The actual location will not be announced until the day of each event, when we'll give people the full lowdown via the contact method of your choice.


Part of the reason we wanted to create MGGB is due to an oft-expressed frustration with the existing gay and lesbian scene in Milwaukee. We wanted to create an alternative scene for folks who crave something different than what the gay Walker's Point circuit offers. Our ideal crowd is more diverse than your average bar - gay men and lesbians, punks and twinks, drag queens, bears and guppies, students and seniors, muscles and nerds, butch and femme, black and white - and, best of all, folks without a convenient label.

How do I get involved?

Easy! Sign up for any of the contact methods we offer. Add us as a friend on your MySpace account, or join our Yahoo email group (see links to the right), and we'll let you know where the next one will be!

Words to the Wise:

The words "takeover", "revolution", and "guerrilla" are used ONLY for fun, as in jest. MGGB is above all just a chance for gays and lesbians in Milwaukee to go out and have fun at different venues while being around other gay folks...we wouldn't do anything more in-your-face at straight bars other than buying beer and playing pool. It's an opportunity not to be ghettoized and have to go to a gay bar to be around gay pals (old and new). MGGB does not condone any confrontational behavior. Remember it's about fun and mixing.

Our original logo, retired mid-2008:

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