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June 1973

Leather/ Motorcycle


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Silver Stars Motorcycle/ Leather Club was formed in June 1973 as a motorcycle club, and was largely associated with the Wreck Room bar.

In September 1975 a subsidiary of the Silver Star M.C. Inc. published "G Milwaukee", a publication addressing the need for people "wanting a local paper or magazine to get the news of social events, activities and local news out to the gay community", and welcoming "anything of interest... to the gay community". The first issue addressed veneral diseases; offered a guide on "How to 'Make It' with a Leather Man"; promoted a Childrens Christmas Drive; printed a letter from a newer member of Silver Stars M.C.-- and had a "guide" listing 12 bars and two bathhouses.

In the late 1970s a faction formed within the group, and in 1981 some of the members split off to form a rival motorcycle club, Castaways M.C.. Soon, the Silver Star group refused to allow dual memberships: that is, a member of Castways would not be allowed to also be a member in Silver Star.

Silver Star folded as an organization by the early 1980s.


GPU News, July 1973

GPU News, July 1973

Toys for Tots drive
GPU News, January 1975

3rd Anniversary
GPU News, June 1976

3rd Anniversary
GPU News, June 1976

6th Anniversary
Milwaukee Calendar, June 1979

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