History of Gay and Lesbian Life in Wisconsin - Organizations - Leather/Biker

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Green Bay


(active 2009)

Leather/ Levi club

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The Argonauts of Wisconsin is a gay, leather/levi social club based in Green Bay. It holds the distinction of being the oldest Wisconsin-based gay organization in the state, and is known throughout the country by members of similar organizations and clubs.

The Club’s mission is “to bring together persons with a common purpose and inclination for fellowship and advancement of their individual and collective needs and interests.” Beyond that, the Club has also played and integral role in the greater community through the “Argonaut Charities” which has provided much-needed funding and support to area individuals, groups and agencies. Some of those benefiting groups include Rainbow Over Wisconsin, Entertainers Against AIDS and AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin.

Some of the many regular activities of the Club include; ‘Club Nights’ at local bars, joint events held in collaboration with other regional leather/levi clubs, a big anniversary wingdig dinner (Winter Quest) held the 3rd Saturday of every January, an annual Easter Egg fundraiser, and the infamous ‘Joint Run’ camp-out held each year on the 3rd weekend of every August in Hilbert, WI (in partnership with the Castaways of Milwaukee).

The Argonauts of Wisconsin own 3 state/regional leather titles: Wisconsin Leather/Levi Daddy, Wisconsin Leather/Levi Daddy's boy, and Mr. Northwoods. All 3 titles are qualifiers for I.M.L. (View full list of leather/levi titleholders.)

The Club actively supports a number of charitable causes through its Argonauts Charities, Inc. fund. Argonauts Charities' primary source of funds is the Club's annual Easter Egg fundraiser, which runs for the nine days leading up to and including Easter Sunday.

The club's normal Club Night is the second Friday of each month at the Napalese Lounge in Green Bay. They encourage interested persons to drop by on one of those Fridays to check it out, or to learn about becoming a member.

Invitation for 21st Anniversary reception in Milwaukee

Archives of the Argonauts:

plaque, Nimbus 1996 plaque, Dunes 1997 plaque, Dunes 1999
plaque from Castaways photo, Mr. CampMud III
photo, Black Frost 2002 plaque, Black Frost 2003 Winterquest X

Image from Web Site, August 2004

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