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National Health Monitoring


Founded in 1979 at the Chicago Conference on Current Aspects of Sexually Transmitted Diseases Symposium, National Coalition of Gay Sexually Transmitted Disease Services (NCGSTDS) became the publisher of "Sexual Health Reports," a newsletter that provided factual, up-to-date information to the medical, scientific, and gay/lesbian communities about sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS, and other related health issues. This newsletter had a national reputation and circulation. Additionally, the organization aided communication between the nation's STD and AIDS service providers, and served as liaison between interested concerns such as the Centers for Disease Control, health organizations, pharmaceutical companies, publishers, and others.

The organization's driving force was long-time Milwaukee activist and health professional Mark Behar. NCGSTDS dissolved in 1988.

The UWM Archives LGBT Collection holds some of National Coalition of Gay Sexually Transmitted Disease Services's papers, including some correspondence, and newsletters from 1979-1988. UWM Archives has this description of the contents of their collection:

    The collection includes copies of "Sexual Health Reports" (originally titled "Official Newsletter of the NCGSTDS"); correspondence of the chair and editor Mark P. Behar including many requests for information; letters to the editor expressing support or hostility; and pamphlets and reports produced by NCGSTDS and others.


First newsletter of NCGSTDS
(September, 1979)

Publication, "Guidelines and Recommendations
for Healthful Gay Sexual Activity"
(Fourth Edition, 1984)

Publication, "Guidelines and Recommendations
for Healthful Gay/Lesbian/BI Sexual Activity"
(Fifth Edition, 1986)

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