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Galano Club of Milwaukee


(active as of 2005)

Health care/ Recovery
(male and female)

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The Galano Club is a recovery club that provides social and fellowship meetings for AA, Al-Anon and other 12 Step recovery programs. While our membership is made up of primarily gay people all are welcome. The purpose of the club is to promote improvement and development of those recovering from alcohol, drugs and other addictive behaviors.

The Galano Club provides a safe place where LGBTQ people can participate in 12-Step recovery programs, attend meetings, and socialize with each other. It's survival depends upon active members and volunteer work. The individual members and volunteers foster their own recovery through associating with other people at the Club who are in 12-Step programs.

According to the Club's web site:

    "The genesis of the Galano Club began in 1973 when founders of the 94 Group discovered it would not be easy to find meeting places for gay AA groups. The idea grew as the 94 AA Group grew and expanded with additional difficulty in securing meeting places. In addition, there was an obvious need for gay people to have a place where they could expand their social needs in an alcohol and drug free atmosphere.

    Ten years after the first 94 Group was formed, a "Steering Committee" started the process to form what is now the Galano Club. The committee became the first Board of Directors. For several years they met once a week at Summerfield Methodist Church and held events to raise money for a clubhouse of our own.

    In a short time we had enough funds to move to our first location at 1428 North Farwell Avenue and then moved to 2408 North Farwell Avenue in March of 1989. On December 7, 2001 the Galano Club moved to 314 West Court Street on the second floor of the LGBT Community Center. This was done in part to become more visible in the LGBT Community to better serve those that are seeking recovery in a safe and non-judgmental atmosphere.

    Today we have an active membership base of close to 125 people and we are home to 24, 12-Step meetings a week. Almost 200 people come through our doors each week for meetings or just to socialize with other recovering people. We host a wide variety of social activities appealing to all kinds of interests.

    Operated on a purely volunteer basis, the Galano Club has a Board of Directors elected by the membership consisting of 11 members. The Board, in turn, elects officers. Volunteers run and operate the Club under the direction of the Board of Directors. No one-that's right, no one-is paid.

    It is that spirit of everyone doing their part that makes all this work. It is the membership pulling together that allows us to build for the future.