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  • Diverse & Resilient (D&R) launches as a program of Sinai Samaritan.
  • 1996

  • D&R hosts its first one-day conference on the needs of LGBT youth.
  • Gay HIV Youth Conference planned by Wis. AIDS/HIV Program, Sinai Samaritan Medical Center and St. Luke's Family Practice Program, establishing "Diverse & Resilient"
    (In Step vol. 13-07, April 1996)
    Diverse & Resilient Project awards mini-grants to five organizations
    (In Step vol. 13-13, July 1996)
    La Crosse Pride Dance organized as result of a D&R grant
    (In Step vol. 13-15, August 1996)
    D&R receives funding for second conference and mini-grant program
    (In Step vol. 13-15, August 1996)


  • The LGBT Youth Conference is expanded to a two-day statewide conference.
  • Second D&R conference to feature speaker Jamie Nabozny
    (In Step vol. 14-06, March 1997)
    (conclusion of 2nd Conference article)
    (In Step vol. 14-06, March 1997)
    Gay Youth Wis. Hotline funded by D&R
    (In Step vol. 14-13, June 1997)
    Advertisement: GLBT Partnership
    (Quest vol. 4-17, October 1997)




  • The LGBT Youth Development Leadership Advisory Council is formed to guide youth leadership efforts.
  • 2000

  • The Rainbow Alliance for Youth (RAY) is launched to create and support LGBT youth groups across the state.
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  • D&R begins training Youth Development Specialists across the state.
  • 2002

  • D&R incorporates as its own nonprofit agency.
  • D&R moves to the Milwaukee LGBT Community Center on West Court Street.
  • 2003

  • D&R holds its first LGBT Health Leadership Forum in Oconomowoc.
  • 2004

  • The University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Medicine and Public Health awards D&R the Healthiest Wisconsin Grant.
  • Rainbow Families spring conference works with D&R
    (Quest vol. 11-05, March 2004)


  • D&R launches the Safe Schools, Safe Communities conference with partner GSAFE.
  • D&R moves to an office on Brady Street on Milwaukee’s East Side.
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    Fundraising letter, December 2005



  • D&R team is selected for the Public Health Leadership Institute.
  • D&R successfully advocates the Department of Public Instruction to measure health outcomes for LGBT youth.
  • D&R Receives Grant from Milw LGBT Funding Partnership
    (Quest vol. 13-07, April 2006)
    D&R sponsors Visioning Project for 2nd Annual Rainbow Community pot luck picnic
    (Quest vol. 13-13, July 2006)


  • D&R begins direct-service work to address the HIV epidemic among African American gay and bisexual young men.
  • Greater Milw Foundation (through Milw LGBT Funding Partnership) awards $5,000 grant to D&R
    (Quest vol. 14-10, May 2007)


  • Youth health efforts are expanded with programs addressing alcohol and tobacco use by teens.
  • D&R moves to its current office on Holton Street in Milwaukee.
  • D&R Receives Grant from Milw LGBT Funding Partnership
    (Quest vol. 15-05, 2008)
    Advertisement in 2008 PrideFest issue
    (Quest vol. 15-08 Pride, June 2008)
    D&R and RM2BREATHE program for smoking cesation
    (Quest vol. 15-18, November 2008)
    (RM2BREATHE program article concluded)
    (Quest vol. 15-18, November 2008)


  • D&R receives federal support for its programs through Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin and Representative Mark Pocan.
  • Gary Hollander, Executive Director of D&R, awarded 2009 Man of the Year by OutReach of Madison
    (Quest vol. 16-11, July 2009)


  • The Milwaukee Health Department announces partnership with D&R to address rising rates of HIV among young African American men.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) award D&R $1.6M for HIV prevention among young African American men.
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    Advertisement in 2010 PrideFest guide
    (Quest vol. 17-Pride, June 2010)


  • The Acceptance Journeys program launches to foster acceptance of LGBT people by straight family members and friends.
  • D&R named recipient of 2011 PrideFest Medal for organizing and running PrideFest's Health & Wellness Area for past 5 years
    (Quest vol. 18-06, April 2011)


  • More HIV services are brought in-house, including: HIV counseling, testing, and referral; and two nationally-developed, community-based HIV prevention programs.
  • 2013

  • Youth space is added to provide space for program participants to organize events.
  • Our HIV testing efforts grow by 45% to serve over 900 people.
  • New programs are launched, including: Imagine More, 414ALL, Healthy Girls, and Safe Dates.
  • We host the first Reviving the Dream celebration to honor the memory of Civil Rights leader Bayard Rustin.
  • D&R joins United Way as a partner agency.
  • 2014

  • D&R prepares for the departure of founding President & CEO Gary Hollander in the coming year.
  • 2015

  • Founding President & CEO Gary Hollander departs the agency.
  • D&R welcomes new President & CEO Gerry Coon.
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    D&R's third annual LGBT Leadership Awards Celebration planned:
    recipients Leonard Sobczak, Joshua-Paul Miles, Chris Ahmuty, Melissa Bollow-Temple, Kathy Flores
    (Quest vol. 22-03, March 2015)


  • D&R adds an additional HIV / STI testing site at the City of Milwaukee’s Northwest Health Center on 76th Street and Mill Road.
  • D&R creates a statewide resource, Room to Be Safe, for survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV).
  • D&R secures a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) grant focusing on HIV and hepatitis prevention among young men of color who have sex with men.
  • D&R assists in the production of Our Trans Family photo exhibit through D&R’s Artist in Residence program.
  • New President & CEO Gerry Coon interviewed by Quest magazine
    (Quest vol. 23-04, April 2016)
    (Gerry Coon interview article, concluded)
    (Quest vol. 23-04, April 2016)
    Planning for D&R 4th Annual 'Reviving the Dream Celebration'
    (Quest vol. 23-04, April 2016)
    Results of 4th Annual 'Reviving the Dream Celebration'
    (Quest vol. 23-05, May 2016)
    Photos from 4th Annual 'Reviving the Dream Celebration'
    (Quest vol. 23-05, May 2016)


  • D&R partners with Holton Street Clinic to provide STI treatment services at D&R.
  • D&R co-produces the Milwaukee Rally for Unity and Pride to coincide with the National LGBTQ March on Washington D.C.
  • D&R develops IPV prevention strategies and programming focused on LGBTQ youth in living in Appleton, Madison, and Milwaukee.
  • D&R partners with advertising agency Cramer-Krasselt to launch a new brand of condoms, Naughty Bags, for teens.
  • D&R partners with the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin (ARCW) to open a PrEP clinic at D&R.
  • In 2016 Year in Review article: D&R puts relocation to LGBT Community Center oin hold; later in year, vandals smash windows in current Holton Street location
    (Quest vol. 24-01, Winter/Jan-Mar 2017)


  • D&R secured Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) funding to expand teen pregnancy prevention and teen STI prevention services. This funded the Rubber Rover during the summer of 2018.
  • D&R created the Colors in Bloom LGBTQ youth self love and resiliency campaign including billboards, bus ads, and a music video with Lex Allen.
  • D&R was awarded 88Nine Radio Milwaukee’s Humanitarian Award.
  • D&R secured Ryan White funding to support our HIV testing work.
  • D&R was selected as the PrideFest Plus One campaign beneficiary.
  • 2019

  • D&R started the Keep It Up research project with the Institute of Sexual and Gender Minority Health and Wellbeing at Northwestern University.
  • D&R secured Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) 5-year grant for statewide AVP work.
  • D&R opened a new office in Appleton.
  • D&R was awarded 18-month DHS contract to conduct a trans needs assessment.
  • D&R was awarded Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program grant to develop a Peer Navigator program for people living with HIV who are not currently in care.
  • 2020

  • Participated in social justice marches/action following the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police.
  • Successfully navigated the COVID Pandemic while still maintaining D&R services, including in-person HIV and STI testing.
  • Awarded the Nonprofit Organization of the Year award from the Wisconsin LGBT Chamber of Commerce.
  • Awarded the Progress in Youth Activism award from the Shepherd Express LGBTQ Progress Awards.
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    Advertisement, 'Room To Be Safe' program
    (Our Lives, July 2021)

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