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Article, 'Scott Stewart Directs Chorus'
(Wis. Light vol. 1-07, May 1988)


Article, 3rd Anniversary
(In Step vol. 7-06, March 1990)
Advertisement, 'April Foolishness' concert
(In Step vol. 7-06, March 1990)
Article, CCC board attends Leadership confab
(In Step vol. 7-19, Sept. 1990)
Photos from Bruce Paul Goodman
fashion show at Partner's,
a benefit for Cream City Chorus
(In Step vol. 7-19, Sept. 1990)
Advertisement: Join Our Song!
(In Step vol. 7-19, Sept. 1990)
Article: CCC receives $6,000 grant
from Miller Brewing
(In Step vol. 7-19, Sept. 1990)


Ad: Concert at Za's bar, Green Bay
(In Step vol. 8-08, April 1991)
Photo: Triangle bar's then-owner, Al Thomas, receives award from CCC
(Wis. Light, 1991)


Article: New officers elected
(In Step vol. 10-10, May 1993)
Photo: 'We The People' Spring/ Pride
concert at PAC
(In Step vol. 10-13, June 1993)


Ad: The Gay Concert
(In Step vol. 12-05, March 1995)
Article: Busy spring for CCC
(In Step vol. 12-06, March 1995)
Photos: First All Gay show, at PAC
(In Step vol. 12-07, April 1995)
Article: CCC joined celebration at Pridefest
(Quest vol. 2-11, July 1995)
Article: welcoming Kris Nedrow,
new Associate Conductor
(Wis. Light vol. 8-22, October 1995)


Article: CCC resumes rehearsals for new season
(In Step vol. 13-01, Jan. 1996)
Article: Second annual 'Gay Concert'
to be held
(In Step vol. 13-06, April 1996)
Article: Fundraising drive
(In Step vol. 13-19, October 1996)


Article: CCC begins new season
(In Step vol. 14-01, Jan. 1997)
Article: 'To Every Season' concert to include performance of complete 'Requiem' by Faure
(Quest vol. 4-01, Feb. 1997)
Ad: April 'To Every Season' concert
(In Step vol. 14-06, March 1997)


Article: Spring concert planned
(Quest vol. 5-05, April 1998)
Ad: April concert: folk songs, spirituals
(Quest vol. 5-05, April 1998)
Ad: 'The Gift of Music' Dec. concert
(Quest vol. 5-21, Nov. 1998)


Article: Raising funds for new synthesizer
(In Step vol. 16-21, 1999)


Ad/ Flyer: 'Show Us Your Tunes' concert
(Wis. Light collection, June 2000)


Press Release: Kristen Weber
departs as Artistic Director
(Wis. Light collection, July 2002)
Press Release: Paula Tillen
to direct holiday concert
(Wis. Light collection, August 2002)


Ad/ Flyer: 'Up On The Roof' June concert
(Wis. Light collection, May 2005)


20th Anniversary Mailer
(Wis. Light collection, 2007)
Mention: Congrats to Chorus for their two decades of music and memories ; first concert of the year 'Why We Sing' featured solo by last founding member, Ebbie Duggins
(Outbound vol. 6-02, 2012)


Article: Final concert, 'Schlemiel, Schlimazel!' celebrates 25 years of Cream City Chorus
(Quest vol. 19-06, June 2012)

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